Pedicure with Toe nail Rebuild

Here’s how to do a Pedicure with a toe nail rebuild.  If you ever thought your toenails couldn’t be altered, then think again!  With a wide range of products out there these days, almost anything is possible.  We are used to altering the way our finger nails look, but not our toes.  By adding Gel, Acrylic or Polygel, to our toes, they too can have the star treatment and be extended! 😉 

Rebuild Video

Well my friends, I’m here to show you how! Here is a real example of where we’ve used Gelish Polygel to rebuild a big toenail.  We can correct years of damage caused by tight shoes;)

This is not the full pedicure, but it is the full video of the rebuild.  This particular client has two challenges with her toenails (but only on the one foot):

  • all nails peak in the middle, causing it to look like an upside-down V when you look at them head on, and
  • Her big toe nail grows to the one side and in the same V shape. Making it looks like she has taken a chunk out of her nail.

So in this video you will see me shaping and filing the nails to give them a flatter appearance.  Also, using Gelish Polygel to give the big toe the appearance of being straight and square.

When you loose a nail.....

Waiting for your nail to grow back when you’ve lost it can take what feels like ‘Forever’!  

Good news! You don’t need to wait!  Especially if it’s during summer when all you want to do is wear sandals and flip flops.

As long as you look after the extension, you can cheat and have a normal looking nail in no time! Sound good?  Just make sure you keep it shaped and filled, then you’re good to go……

If you are thinking of this for yourself, make sure that your nail isn’t extended more than it’s own length.   The false nail has to have enough nail to hold on to.  Also, by keeping it short, you won’t run the risk of catching it and pulling the extension off!

Missing nail rebuild

Will it damage my nail?

No, as long as it’s properly applied and maintained, then it shouldn’t damage a nail, even if it is regrowing.  On average, it’ll at your nail 6 months to regrow fully, so if you don’t want to wait, here is the solution.

We use Polygel (not a sponsored) at our salon, but  Acrylic will do just fine. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.   

If you ave any questions, then please do leave a comment 🙂


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