Marble Nails - Winter Nail Art

Today we are doing an Easy Marble Nail art Tutorial that anyone can do on themselves or friends and family

Nail Art is a funny thing, it’s not everyones ‘Cup of Tea’.  With that said, we’re used to seeing dramatically long talons on Instagram and as a result, often shy away from nail art. However, nail art doesn’t have to be that way, and we are taking the more subtle approach.

Take this Marble Nail, it’s just one accent nail that can be made as bold or subtle as you want.  We used a paler colour which is great for the start of autumn, where days are still sunny, but the cold mornings give away just is a hint, of the winter to come.

This full tutorial is something you could do yourself or do on a friend or family member. 

A little more Dramatic

Ok, so it wouldn’t be me without a little drama! 😉 And, if, like me, you want something a little more ‘full on’ then maybe these grey Marble Nails are a more for you!

Grey Marble Nails

This is done in exactly the same way, just the nails are a little longer!

Ballerina shape nails are always stylishly long and I love this grey for winter!

Thanks for reading and watching 😉

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