Gel Nail Polish Removal at Home

Today I am going to give you a full tutorial on how to remove your gel polish safely at home. Why would I do this you ask?  Because I see far too may client who have just peeled and picked it off themselves, ouch!

In fact, I dread to think of all the times a client has come to me for a gel polish application, only to find they have flakey nails from the last gel polish which they decided to “remove” themselves.  

What this really means is that one evening whilst watching the T.V. they sat there picking and scraping until it was all off!  Are you smiling at the memories of when you did that last?  I bet you are!  Still, you wouldn’t be alone, I hate to admit it, but before I know better, I too did the same, doh!

3 layers of nail later………

Yes, that’s what happens every time you peel gel off your nails, or any product for that matter!

Not to worry, I have the solution!  Below is a full and detailed video showing you exactly how to remove your gel polish safely at home, yes, it is possible.  

It’ll save your nails from damage, save on the cost of removal by your nail tech and also save you at least 20 minutes at your appointment, what’s not to like!  

I also forgot to mention, that you can do this whilst watching your favourite program on Netflix!

Perfect Nails......

Did you watch the tutorial?  Did you find it easy?  Please, for the sake of your poor little nails, try this next time you have gels.  You can pause, rewind and play the video as many times as you need, it’s not going anywhere.

Always remember to oil your nail well after removing the gel as they will be a little dehydrated from the acetone and the gel.  Another bit of advice is to moisturise your hands after every wash, not just for beautiful soft hands but to keep your nails in tip top condition 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching!

Best wishes,


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