12 stress free days to christmas -countdown Calendar

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s hard at this time of year to put yourself first at this time of year, especially when there is so much to do and so little time to do it in.  Our 12 Stress Free Days to Christmas – Countdown Calendar will help the disorganised or stressed amongst get it all done(and that’s me included). No more stress, no more headaches, and certainly, No More Chaos!  Just happy relaxed people 🙂  Are you in?


So, if you want to get organised, be stress free and take care of yourself (so you don’t get sick) this Holiday Season.  Then join us in our Christmas Countdown Challenge. We will be posting on Instagram each day of the challenge and would love you to join in.  Just take a pick of you completing each challenge and Tag us in………

10th December

Planning is the key to Sucess

Ok, there are 14 days to go so let’s get organised!  Planning takes many forms, many levels of details and various levels of patience.  I prefer the simplest type as my head is cluttered enough as it is.

 For some time now I have been using a ‘Kanban’ board to do all my planning.  When I say all, i really mean All.  From my editorial calendar to my cleaning tasks to my business planning, there is nothing simpler or more straight forward than a Kanban board.

 Invented in the 1950’s by Toyota to streamline their business, the Kanban board is now used by the biggest companies in the world e.g. Google to name but a few.  So, if it’s good enough for them and their multi-billion pound companies, then it’s good enough to get us organised for Christmas.

 It’s very simple really, in fact, it’s so simple you’ll think it shouldn’t even be a thing.  It does three things,

  1. It gets everything out of your head and into writing

  2. Then, helps you sort it in terms of priority, and

  3. Enables you to track the progress of the task

 On a practical level, it really gets things done; on a mental level, it you feel achievement and on a physical level, you won’t be stressed 🙂  Sound good?


Kanban Board

You can do this in one of two ways, either with:

  • A piece of paper, pen and post-it notes, or

  • A digital version like Trello.

I actually use both.  For normal day to day stuff I have a Kanban spread in my planner but for my business and editorial calendar I use trello.  The advantage with trello is that it’s an app on your phone which is always with you and can store lots of information e.g. your christmas present list of grocery lists for example.  You can also move your tasks on the go, as and when you progress them.

The 4 Steps of the Kanban:

  1. Write each task you have to do on a post-it note or a ‘card’ if using trello.

  2. Now it’s all out of your head, put them in order of which needs doing first in your ideas section.

  3. Every evening, move at least three notes/cards to the ‘To Do’ section ready for tomorrow.

  4. Each morning, start on the ‘To Do’ tasks and move them to the ‘In Progress’ section. Once complete, move to the done section and repeat step 3&4.

 Whichever way you choose, today is a good day to get that done.  From this point on you can say goodbye to stress and hello to a relaxing christmas 🙂

Challenge: post a pic of your Kanban board with sensitive information removed.  We wouldn’t want your friends and family knowing what your going to get them! 😉

11th December

Appointments to Book this week

How’s your Kanban board looking?  I know you will be feeling much better this morning, knowing you have it all under control.  So let’s get down to the fun bit’s which will make sure your Christmas remains as stress free as possible.

Self-care day one

Book your beauty and hair appointments today if you haven’t already done so.  Treatments that can be done this week while salons are still relatively quiet and will still be great for Christmas are:

book appointment
  •  Deluxe Pedicure – after all that shopping, a deep leg massage and exfoliation is just the thing to make you feel relaxed and normal again.  Plus, the polish will still look great through until January, especially if you have a Gel finish.
  • Deluxe Facial – All that shopping not only takes its toll on your feet but also your skin.  Lots of shopping means that you are out in the harsh winter weather much longer than you would like.  Having a Deluxe Facial will not only brighten your skin ready for the holidays but be a deeply relaxing experience.  Check with your salon if the facial included a shoulder massage too (ours does). Then all you need to do is keep it topped up.  Click here for our Winter Skin Guide.

  • Brows and Lashes – Leave these treatments until the end of this week of appointments are available.  All lash and Brow treatments should last up to 6 weeks and still look great for at least 3-4 weeks, seeing you through to the New Year Party at least!

  • Waxing – This week is great for waxing especially if you have sensitive skin.  It will allow for all irritation to subside and leave great skin for Winter Skin Care products to absorb in to.

  • Back Massage – The ultimate feel good factor and according to recent studies, also helps boost your immune system.  Just what you need to fight off all those unwanted winter bugs. Also, undo those back knots caused by all that shopping!

  • Hair – Any cut and colour is good for weeks afterwards, so save on the rush and have your lucious locks tended to this week.  Besides, you will be feeling and looking amazing going into Christmas. Everyone will just be left wondering how you manage it! Shhhhh, it’ll be our little secret 😉

Whether you choose to book one, some or all of the above, you will definitely be going into the final week before Christmas feeling amazing!

12th December

Let the laptop take the strain....

Shop online for those remaining presents.  There is nothing better than being cuddled up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, blanket, laptop and a bank card 🙂 .  



Christmas can be an expensive time of year so please make sure you have set yourself a budget before you take to your computer.  Advertisers do a great job of enticing us into thinking that we need it all. Please don’t be sucked in! You have the plan you made on Monday so stick to it.  Christmas is just one day and family and friends will love you the same on Boxing day, no matter what you get them 😉

Challenge – Finish your Christmas Shopping online from the comfort of your home.  Take a pic of you and your tea and tag us in Instagram 😉

13th December

Take a Time-Out.....

Now that the gifts are all bought and in the post to you, take a time-out.  A relaxing bath is the task for today. Tell the family that you’ll be in the bath for the next 30-45 mins, switch your phone to silent and leave it where you can’t see it.  Now do the following:

  • Run a warm bath with your favourite bath oils or salts

  • Lightly exfoliate your face and apply a hydrating face mask

  • Soak in the bath with a good book, magazine or some relaxing music and enjoy

  • Light some candles

Face mask

If you don’t have a bath then take a longer warm shower with a great nourishing body wash, a body exfoliator and some relaxing music.  Any product with lavender will help the relaxation. Also, turn the shower down to make it more relaxing. Then dry off from the shower, put on a great body lotion and relax on the bed with a facemask and a good read.

14th December

Time to write.......

Those Christmas cards won’t write themselves – At least that’s what my husband says to me every year! Lol  I’m the worst Christmas card giver ever and usually end up delivering them to neighbours about 7pm on christmas Eve, not that I’m behind or anything!

So, this year it will be different and if like me, you are last minute too, then we can do this together.  With a glass of mulled wine and a great Christmas movie (I love the Holiday) I fully intend getting through them today.

 Then for the delivery, which leads me nicely onto Saturday………

15th December

Nature is good for the soul.....

If you have last minute gift shopping to do, then I guess there is no time like the present.  Best to get it done now because next weekend, the one before Christmas will be chaos and no one will enjoy that!


Once that’s out of the way, I would post those freshly written Christmas cards, including the ones for the neighbours.  Actually, just getting out for a walk is where I’m going with this really. Being out in nature, be it by the sea or a country walk is very grounding, calm and relaxing – what a perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

walking in the woods

16th December

Time for you......

If you were unable to book yourself in for a facial this week or next then why not do your own at home.  It may not be as relaxing as if it was done for you but your skin will definitely benefit. I have found the perfect youtube video for you to follow, so sit back, relax and follow along.  Happy Sunday 🙂

17th December


Yay, final week in work for most people, not me though as I have clients book right up to 2pm on Christmas Eve!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love the atmosphere to tell you the truth 😉 With mulled wine on the go, Christmas songs and a bottle of gel polish in my hand, I couldn’t be happier 😀



Whatever your job, try and get to bed early every evening this week.  Sleep is the key to good health, happy moods and great skin. In preparation for my new year resolution, which are just around the corner, I am getting ahead by starting new practices early.

A great nighttime routine can help you drift happily off to sleep and more importantly, stay asleep.  Try these 3 simple steps to getting great sleep:

  • Good cleansing routine – your skin need to be free of the make-up and dirt from the day.  Always double cleanse at night, tone with Glycolic toner, add a good serum, Retinol derived if possible and the a rich moisturiser to lock it all in.  You skin repairs at night, so be kind and give it your best.
Night time skincare routine
  • No screen time and yes, that includes your phone for at least 30 mins before bed, try reading instead.
  • Journal away your day – writing down the events of the day, especially the annoying bits will help you to leave go and get a restful sleep.  It really does work, give it a go!

18th December

Making a list and checking it twice.....


Take some time this evening to write out your grocery shopping list ready for the ‘Big Food Shop’ on the weekend.  Even better, provided you trust the ‘pickers’, have most or all of your order delivered on Friday night or ‘Click & Collect’ it on the way home.



 You can sit down with your favorite store app and place your order right now.  That way, they items you don’t trust them to pick e.g. the Turkey etc, you can choose yourself on Saturday.

 Also, by getting this done tonight, it will feel like a pleasant and relaxing experience that you can do from the comfort of your sofa with a nice cup of hot chocolate! Yummy! 😉

 Another advantage is that you still have the remainder of the week to pick up things you may have forgotten.

19th & 20th December

Movie night.....


Unless you have a Christmas Party to go to, then take these two nights for some down time.  Watch a film, catch up on you favourite shows, wrap some gifts and generally relax. Enjoy this quiet time.

21st December

Pedicure time.....


Give yourself a pedicure – If you’ve never done this for yourself before then you are really missing our on a treat!  Instead of me giving you a full list of steps, I have found you a great tutorial from the Meticulous Manicurist, what this lady doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing!

22nd December

Up and out early.......

If you still have things to buy like the Turkey, groceries or last minute gifts, then do it early before all stores descend into the wonderful frenzy that is Christmas.  


Now that you are all done, you can really start to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Christmas.  So, do something fun:

  • Go watch a Christmas film at the cinema

  • Go to a Christmas market and drink some mulled wine while listening to the carols play.

  • See a show in your local theatre

  • Go for lunch or dinner, somewhere you won’t have to cook 😉

23rd December

Up and out early.......

Love your home…….


Get any cleaning or home organisation tasks done early so that you are not doing them Christmas Eve.  Scent your home with holiday fragrances of Apple, cinnamon, sandalwood and pine. Gentle flickering candles bring such festive cheer to your home on these dark, damp days, so spread the light.

Make Ahead……


Here are some great ideas from:

If the cooking is already done and there is daylight left, then you could go for a walk with the dog, children, friends or partner.  The fresh calm feel of nature will bring the ‘zen’ back. Being out in nature helps you see past your To-Do Lists, the festive busyness to come and reminds you that it’s just ‘One Day’.  So enjoy it with the spirit that’s intended and relax into the holiday mood. You’ve had this planned for a while so it’s all good.


With one day to go, how’s your ‘Kanban’ board looking? Is every task now in the ‘Done’ section?  If you feel it’s helped, then please let us know in the comments below, DM us on Instagram of message us on Facebook.  Also, if you have followed any of our suggestion, the please let us know what you found helpful.

 If you have tweaked or added your own self-care or organisational ideas to the list, please let us know what your did and we will add them to next year’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ post with your very own shout out and any pic you have copied us into.

23rd December

Hopefully the only thing left to do today is enjoy the rewards of your hard work.  Enjoy the festivities, indulge a little (or alot) but most of all, have an amazing couple of days!  Cherish your loved ones, even the awkward ones because they won’t be around forever. Take plenty of pics and videos which you can look back on and/or use in a future wedding collection 😉


So, from us all at GLAMOLOGY, have a Very Merry Christmas and we will see you just before the new year! xxx

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